A reminder of why I work for myself. . .

Ever taken a job because you were panicking about how you were going to make the rent or the car payment, or feed the beautiful fluffy cat you have as a friend? That job came along, I knew it was a necessity, but felt it was just not what I was to be doing. It was fun, I got to lead hiking trips, set up craft classes, help kids make fun things. . . but it paid less than unemployment does. Think of that statement. . . the Arts pay less than unemployment. Something tragically wrong with that. The Arts, the creative ventures in everyone’s life that enhances their sense of spirit, blossoms their way of seeing the world into a multi-layered rose of incredible beauty, and gives one the belief that you are special. Because no one can create something exactly as you do. Create being the operative word here, not copying, but creating.

We are never so close to The Universe, to God, to the Force, to Spirit as when we create. Create something everyday. Whether a beautiful sandwich, or a lyrical poem, or a wild sculpture, it all feeds your Soul. Make yourself happy. . . make art.

One thought on “A reminder of why I work for myself. . .

  1. First, I want to say that your work is so gorgeous that words do not suffice. Your floral painting reminds me of my abstract floral photographs. Your colors are delicious. Just looking at your art – from painting through iron work gives me so much pleasure, that I must say thank you.
    Creativity is what separates us from other mammals. To live without art or to be unable to express creativity must be unbearable. I lack your credentials and skills but I do know beauty when I see it. The necklace you made shown in the Halstead catalog and all of your work is a visual celebration. That necklace reminds me of “golden waves of grain.”
    For years I have felt the need to tap into my creative resources. I have tried many medium but the ones that I have done well at are the ones that were self-taught. I make dyed pearl jewelry. My necklaces have simple designs – the glory is in my color combination. I am not disciplined or trained in the arts but I know that I need art to live. When I see your work it makes me feel good, and thankful that I have my eye sight. When I’m creating art I am truly engaged and alive.

    Thank you for the beauty…Daryl

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