VOSTENAKstudios back from SOFA

In the midst of Chicago partying like it was 1908, from the Cub’s World Series victory, VOSTENAKstudios celebrated its sculptural art jewelry showing with the Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery at Navy Pier as part of SOFA.  The Sculptural Objects Functional Art + Design Fair, produced by Urban Expositions drew thousands of visitors snaking their way through the booths of nearly 70 prestigious galleries.

“It was a wonderful show,” said Valerie Ostenak, owner VOSTENAKstudios. “I am deeply grateful for the experience, the wonderful weather, and hospitality in Chicago.”

“Ten Thousand Ripples,” by artist Freitas Johnson.                                                           Spreading Peace Through Chicago Area Neighborhoods.

The emerging Buddha sculpture represents a symbol of peace and self-realization; when placed in unexpected public spaces it becomes a global symbol of peace. The installation is an invitation to reflect on the possibility of finding peace in our lives and in our communities. The Buddha images serve as a visual platform for the Ten Thousand Ripples project, a collaborative public art and civic engagement initiative, led by Changing Worlds in partnership with diverse Chicago neighborhoods, and many community partners and local artists. For more information, visit Changing Worlds


VOSTENAKstudios is preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy for Milan Fashion week in February 2017. More to come in upcoming weeks.

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