Flying Above Your Fears

Remember seeing those small fuzzy creatures crawling along the pavement, when you were a child?

Caterpillars. As a child I saw them, creeping along, quite frequently on our sidewalk. I always look for them, even now.

Often, we see monarchs, Black-patched Crackers, Empress, Fritillary varieties, Checkerspots and more, flitting about, here in the butterfly state. As I watch them float through the air, I think about the transformation of the caterpillar as it turns into an amazing butterfly.

It’s quite a change to go from crawling on the ground to growing wings to fly. The process of their metamorphosis is a mystical wonder that takes place within the confines of a cocoon. Only the caterpillar can bring it into being as he works hard to spin a cocoon and then, when the time is right, goes through more work to break loose from inside its dark cavern.

Interestingly, the caterpillar must go it alone—if anyone tries to help by cutting it out of the cocoon, it won’t survive. The process of its transformation is a gift from God.

Just as the caterpillar turns into the butterfly, our soul’s transformation can be equally as wondrous. Whether you believe in God, the Universe or Mother Nature or a higher power, when our hearts become enlightened with the knowledge of change that is needed, we notice the convictions of right and wrong in that area of our lives.

The issues vary from one to another and are what keeps us trussed like the cocoon of a caterpillar. God’s process to set us free is tender and constant; however, the work we must do as we face the truth about our attitudes, fears and actions can feel uncomfortable, like the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon.

One we face these issues and begin to make a change to overcome them, we fly with the freedom and weightless burden of the incredible butterfly. We then function at a higher level of thinking and see things differently than before. We can face the pain in our lives and overcome it. Just like the caterpillar emerging from the cocoon, we are free to fly fearlessly and free to be what God had in mind at the start.


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