A One Year . . .

A One Year is about new beginnings, new ideas, completion of the last nine years of action and activities. We are now in the middle of the One Year, transitions are in full swing and with this full moon, the energy is wild! Just wait until the eclipse . . . so exciting!

One of the changes I’ve made is to my website . . . it’s now a blog/website. In the Designer Jewelry section I’ll try to keep you updated with my latest pieces. Archival jewelry will be accessible through the silver neckpiece on the home page. Click on it and it’ll take you to a page of some of my favorites. I’ll be making changes to the Painting section too as I get them photographed. Lot of photography to do . . .

I wanted to have it be easier to share thoughts, ideas, info, and tips on art, life, mindfulness, marketing, and design. I’d love to hear back from you too! Please leave comments . . . I think this will be much more fun!


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