I have applied for the FedEx Small Business Grant

 . . . and I need your VOTES!!

Clicking on the image below will take you to my FedEx page. It has a very quick read of who I am as an artist and business person, and what I plan to do with the grant money.

In all, it’ll only take you two to three minutes to read and check the VOTE FOR THIS BUSINESS box at the top of my FedEx page. I will be ever so delighted for each vote!

Your votes are one of the factors that the judges look at for determining eligibility. You can vote once every 24 hours until April 1. Every.  24.  Hours.

FedEx badge-VOstenak

Winning this grant will make it possible for my business to create an art program involving local businesses in partnership with artists. It takes time, money, and creative thinking to bring this project into reality from possibility, I want ALL to benefit from the community involvement and connection it holds for us.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

With the FedEx grant, I will focus on expanding my business by developing an art program designed for my community. Art is an impactful medium for creating community involvement. Many artists have their studios in their homes making it difficult to share and make sales in their community. A local business/artist partnership benefits the businesses of both entities, while creating community connection. Local talent will be hired for all phases of marketing and outreach needed to succeed.

Stand with me, make a difference in people’s lives . . . Vote for VOSTENAKstudios!

Please share with your community of friends and family.  💜  Thank you, Thank you.

6 thoughts on “I have applied for the FedEx Small Business Grant

  1. Valerie, I have two suggestions and bucketfulls of best wishes for this challenge. First, to emphasize community outreach, you might want to mention the four years of editorship of the Anvil’s Ring, and pointing to the artistic angle that is attached to today’s smithing community. Second, you could mention a bit more specifics or examples of how such a business/artist link might work. You could say you have had exchanges with the local convention/business bureau to develop a show-casing program for the artist community. This could help making a positive impact in locating new businesses to the home town. Something like that.
    And don’t forget the invite and the inroads you have made with the RROC folks. That is impressive. And come to think of it, your boots carried you internationally to Milan!


    • Hi Dietrich,
      All excellent suggestions! Thank you! I will write more blogs with this information in it. For the grant itself, we were allowed 500 characters for each of two questions they asked. Not much room for supporting info. The number of votes is one of the determining factors in getting recognized by the judges. Those who make it to the top 700 are then asked in more detail and must produce a 90 second video about Why.

      People are allowed to vote once every 24 hours until April 1. Every . . . 24 . . . hours. I really really really want to do this . . .

      Thanks again for the suggestions!

  2. Valerie, I’m voting for you to win the grant because there is nobody that deserves it more. And yes, I will continue to vote for you everyday until you win the damn thing!! Hahaha.

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