Treat 3: Moonlight Vines: $600 savings . . .

Minor mathematical error in Treat 3 . . . though small it’s still $24 better than the mistyped $576. Too many numbers in front of me!!  To purchase: * SHOP HERE *  Save this email for the link!

Discounts on Treats 1, 2, and 3 will be applied automatically upon checkout during the 24-hour 24% Flash Sale . . . No codes to remember or type in!

MV-N-18-146-Moonlight Vines-VOSTENAK

Treat 3: Moonlight Vines, inspired by the brilliance of the cool light of the full moon on new vines. Hand forged sterling silver has both a satin and bright polish, the 24-hour price is $1900 . . . a $600 savings!

Finished with a microfine protectant, no tarnishing!

I’m always happy to answer any questions . . . let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the Spring Goodness!!


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