Designer Jewelry

Feel the passion . . . live the passion.

Art is my passion, the breath that I take everyday. It is the lifeblood of my heart and soul. I hope my jewelry inspires you to live a passionate life, one in which you follow your heart and remain true to your Self. Become who you dream you can be.

About the Metal:
Valerie Ostenak, an award-winning metalsmith, creates fine sculptural art jewelry in steel and silver using the centuries-old technique of forging. Though metal, particularly steel, seems to be a hard and inert material, Valerie finds the flow within it. The steel she works must be yellow hot to be shaped and formed. In that moment of perfect yellow, the steel becomes soft and sensuous. Upon cooling, it remains in the graceful form she has created. The sterling silver jewelry is worked cold. Each hammer blow creates the texture and flowing movement in the piece. Valerie leaves the marks from the hammer blows . . . bringing light and life to the silver. Neckpieces are formed to flow over a woman’s shoulders, resting in perfect harmony on the curves of her body.

Movement and flow are the inspiration for her work, whether jewelry or paintings. The visible flow of vines and tendrils curling around each other, water in a stream bubbling over pebbles and stones or waves crashing on a rocky shore, and wind moving the clouds in the sky. The invisible flow of breath of the Universe and our own inner stillness. All recording change and growth, speaking to the transformation of ourselves.