Designer Jewelry

Feelings of graceful self-confidence and gentle empowerment, a passion for life . . . these are the qualities I aspire to bring out in women who choose my jewelry. Transforming and inspiring . . . creating a life of dreams.

Feel the passion . . .  Live the passion.™ 

So many live in various levels of fear about any and everything in life, basing their decisions and actions on it, often unconsciously. I have learned that passionate action overcomes those fears. Passion to stand in that place of the unknown, facing the infinite possibilities head-on. In my art, those infinite possibilities exist in a raw piece of metal or a blank canvas. It is this passion to dissipate fear that defines my art work.

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Other neckpieces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings are available at these fine galleries: Lanning Gallery, Taboo Studio, The Studio New Hope, and Fire Arts Vermont. Contact them for images and info.