Fine Sculptural Jewelry

I hope my jewelry inspires you to live a passionate life, one in which you follow your heart and remain true to your Self.
Become who you dream you can be.


Movement and flow are at the core of my work. The visible flow of vines and tendrils curling around each other, water in a stream bubbling over stones, or waves crashing on a rocky shore. The wind moving the clouds in the sky is the invisible flow of breath of the Universe. All are recording change and growth. I wish to connect the wearer with that power of transformation.

The Collections are featured below. Roll over an image to see the name of the Collections. Click/tap on an image and you will open the portfolio for that collection. Click/tap on each individual image and you will open that image full screen with descriptions. Most of the pieces are sold, those that are available are labeled as such. I may have missed a few . . . contact me if you have questions.

The neckpieces are formed to flow over a woman’s shoulders, resting in perfect harmony on the curves of her body.

All neckpieces are exclusive bespoke works of art.

Would you like to have a piece specially made for you? I have created many this way. Let’s talk . . .