The stillness within is a state of being that flows through society’s doors . . . a door that everyone, it seems, is trying to open. The handle that opens the door to the stillness is meditation. In those moments of meditative focused breathing, the stillness within is sought for comfort and for answers.

My current series of paintings explores my feelings and visions in the stillness, presenting them as one possibility in the infinite field of quiet. A field which we all have access to, but one for which some have difficulty reaching the handle to open the door.

I have been asked, “What do you see? What does it feel like? How do I know I have reached the inner space?” It is easier to paint my  answers . . . words are too frail, too empty, too dull for what I see and feel. I present these paintings as my answers to those who cannot bring themselves to that moment within, those who are perhaps afraid to let go enough to find that stillness within. My hope is that in their contemplation of my work, they are able to find their way to that place of deep inner comfort and love.

To see paintings available for purchase, visit my online store at VOSTENAKstudios or Saatchi Art, an online fine art gallery.