When I paint I am deeply connected to the creative in the universe, to the stillness within.


Currently, I am exploring two series: Conversations with the Stillness, and Embracing Shadow. Each has a different philosophical approach, yet each seeks to bring myself, and the viewer, to a place of contentment and understanding. Transcendent and atmospheric, my paintings present a way for us to listen to the stillness and embrace our shadows.

My process is intuitive. I set the canvas on the easel and sit back to reflect . . . How do I feel and where do I feel it? Is it heavy or light? What color is it? The tonal quality and color starts to take shape as I give mindful visual to my feelings. The act of putting paint to canvas is very cathartic, my responses coming through the brush with the paint. Sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and quiet. What may have started out as a heaviness or sadness, becomes a hopeful with even the smallest amount of light or color. As I work on the painting, I begin to see the hope in my darkness. And I stand back in awe at the conversations I had. The metal leaf becomes the confirmation of love in the ethereal, that there is hope in the nebulous flow between dark and light.

Embracing Shadow
Sometimes when we listen to the stillness, shadow surrounds us and we can be stuck in the difficulty of its darkness. Shadow is that deep dark part within us . . . for some it is fear and anger, others a loss of hope and faith. It is often hard to let ourselves see the Shadow within, much less find a way to overcome it. Yet, in recognizing and naming our Shadow we can shift it into a strength. One way is by offering ourselves forgiveness for that which brought us to Shadow. To embrace Shadow is to see the light within and be comforted.


Conversations with the Stillness
The stillness within is sought for comfort and answers. To reach that state of being one must open a door. A door that many seem to have difficulty opening for they cannot find the right handle. The handle I have found to open the door is meditation . . . which I define as having conversations with the stillness. The paintings in this series are my conversations. I offer them to others as a way to reach the handle on the door to the stillness within themselves.