A “Reserve” has been placed on Treat 3 . . .

I received a plea from a treasured collector for a reserve to be placed on Moonlight Vines and so it is. Making someone happy with my art lightens my soul, gladdens my heart.

Moonlight Vines will be soooo sweet on you Debbie! I hope to get a photo of you wearing it so that I can share.

Treats 1 and 2 are waiting for Thursday—Be ready!!


Treat 3: Moonlight Vines: $600 savings . . .

Minor mathematical error in Treat 3 . . . though small it’s still $24 better than the mistyped $576. Too many numbers in front of me!!  To purchase: * SHOP HERE *  Save this email for the link!

Discounts on Treats 1, 2, and 3 will be applied automatically upon checkout during the 24-hour 24% Flash Sale . . . No codes to remember or type in!

MV-N-18-146-Moonlight Vines-VOSTENAK

Treat 3: Moonlight Vines, inspired by the brilliance of the cool light of the full moon on new vines. Hand forged sterling silver has both a satin and bright polish, the 24-hour price is $1900 . . . a $600 savings!

Finished with a microfine protectant, no tarnishing!

I’m always happy to answer any questions . . . let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the Spring Goodness!!


Which one will You choose? Treat 1, 2, or 3?

Feeling sparkly and happy that Spring is in bloom here! Nature is decorating herself!

So I thought it would be cool to align with Mother Nature and offer treats with which you can decorate yourself!

In 4 days I’m offering a 24-hour 24% Flash Sale on three new neckpieces. Thursday, April 25, 12:01am until 11:59pm. Save this email for the link:  * SHOP HERE *

All three neckpieces are formed to gently flow over the curves of a woman’s shoulders. Treat 2, Suspension is designed for a man to wear as well! Step out of the ordinary gentlemen . . .

VOR-N-18-124-First Crush-VOSTENAKTreat 1: First Crush, inspired by the juiciness of wine grapes and the sweetness of a first love. Hand forged steel with 24K gold leaf and luscious iridescent black and creamy golden pearls, the 24-hour price is $3,192 . . . a $1,008 savings!


Treat 2: Suspension, inspired by new vines connecting everything in their path with flowing tendrils. Hand forged steel polished to a mirror brilliance, the 24-hour price is $1976 . . . a $624 savings!

MV-N-18-146-Moonlight Vines-VOSTENAK

Treat 3: Moonlight Vines, inspired by the brilliance of the cool light of the full moon on new vines. Hand forged sterling silver has both a satin and bright polish, the 24-hour price is $1900 . . . a $576 savings!

Which one will you choose?

Shipping and insurance is complementary and each neckpiece comes in a beautiful box wrapped with ribbons and bows so you can have fun opening your new treat!



Neptune’s Chariot is on a Cruise!

Natalia-Neptunes Chariot-VOSTENAK

I was so delighted when out of the blue a collector friend sent a photo of herself while she is wearing one of my neckpieces! Natalia’s neckpiece, Neptune’s Chariot, is from the Pearl : Essense Collection and features 23K gold leaf on steel with an opalized ammonite doubling as the chariot gliding over a wave of pearls. It’s so perfect because she is wearing it while on a cruise!

Natalia’s polished steel and pearl earrings are also from one of my collections, Vines & Tendrils. I like the combo of the two different collections being worn together. Both feature pearls that allows for them to work together beautifully.

With the bodice of her dress being adorned with pearls, I am thrilled for her styling of my jewelry . . . soooo cool! It’s as though they were all made for each other.

Natalia may be better known to others as Dr. Natalia Stingley, a certified health coach at Stingley Chiropractic and Wellness in Mill Valley CA; 792-290-1923.

Thank you Natalia for sending me such joy! This made my day!

Creating Compassionate Community through Art


When I worked as a designer in the corporate world, I had lots of people around me. It was a built-in community, in existence whenever I walked through the doors of the building. During that time, I was also making art in my studios in the evenings and weekends. I was fulfilled in having community connection and self-expression.

As an artist who now works alone in her studios, I don’t have much interaction with people in my daily life. I’m comfortable that way, I’m creating. Whether it’s the art itself or the business model to support it, I’m bringing something new into the world. It’s always been my dream to live this life.

However . . .

A few years into working solely as an artist and building a business, I am realizing that  local community connection in my life is missing. I’ve done exhibitions and shows around the country and love meeting new people, talking about art and life. Individuals who love having art in their homes or wearing it as in the case of my jewelry. Businesses who have told me what a difference in atmosphere a painting or a sculpture has made on their walls, how exciting it is for them and their customers to have artists being present for special events. Each time, I go back home and work in my studios . . . and I miss those connections.

To transform that, I am developing a project that will bring visual artists together with their local business community. Where the artists and businesses partner with each other, working together to create compassionate connection with their friends, families, and customers.

There is a special energy that is created when art is present in people’s everyday lives. I’d like to see that energy flow through my community.

The FedEx Small Business Grant I’ve applied for will provide the financial support needed to get this project moving along efficiently and steadily. Your vote will help create compassionate connection . . . 6 Degrees of Separation will bring it to your community as well.