I have applied for the FedEx Small Business Grant

 . . . and I need your VOTES!!

Clicking on the image below will take you to my FedEx page. It has a very quick read of who I am as an artist and business person, and what I plan to do with the grant money.

In all, it’ll only take you two to three minutes to read and check the VOTE FOR THIS BUSINESS box at the top of my FedEx page. I will be ever so delighted for each vote!

Your votes are one of the factors that the judges look at for determining eligibility. You can vote once every 24 hours until April 1. Every.  24.  Hours.

FedEx badge-VOstenak

Winning this grant will make it possible for my business to create an art program involving local businesses in partnership with artists. It takes time, money, and creative thinking to bring this project into reality from possibility, I want ALL to benefit from the community involvement and connection it holds for us.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

With the FedEx grant, I will focus on expanding my business by developing an art program designed for my community. Art is an impactful medium for creating community involvement. Many artists have their studios in their homes making it difficult to share and make sales in their community. A local business/artist partnership benefits the businesses of both entities, while creating community connection. Local talent will be hired for all phases of marketing and outreach needed to succeed.

Stand with me, make a difference in people’s lives . . . Vote for VOSTENAKstudios!

Please share with your community of friends and family.  💜  Thank you, Thank you.

My painting as an Art Award!

Showing award-Valerie Ostenak

Showing off my painting, “At the Heart of It All”, that was chosen as one of the awards to be given at the 38th Annual Governor’s Arts Awards in Phoenix on March 7! Very excited to be part of this event!

Governor’s Arts Awards History

Since 1981, more than 200 distinguished Arizona artists, arts organizations, businesses, educators, and individuals have been recognized for their passion, creativity and devotion to the excellence and diversity of Arizona’s arts and cultural community.

The Governor’s Arts Awards event is much more than a tradition. The awards reflect more than three decades of the best in Arizona’s arts and culture community and the magnificent contributions they’ve made to our state’s arts and cultural heritage.

• Visit azcitizensforthearts.org/governors-arts-awards/nominees/ to see what it’s all about and the esteemed nominees.

• To purchase tickets to attend this gala event at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Phoenix, azcitizensforthearts.org/governors-arts-awards/purchase/

Holiday Gifting Ideas . . . and FREE special gifts with each purchase!

It’s the Holidays and everyone deserves a gift. This year I am offering a FREE gift with each purchase on selected art pieces, just because I thought it would be fun!

When you click on the art image, it will take you to my Square store where you can see all 8 ideas for purchase and the FREE gifts that come with each one . . . 3 ideas are shown here.

The FREE gifts are different for each art piece so take a look at each one . . . and have fun!

Hope poster-11x14-Valerie Ostenak_7605-wht-sm
Hope: an 11×14 print embellished with gold leaf and hand-signed by me.
Comet Tails-18-132
Comet Tails: Just in time for the Wirtanen Comet doing a fly-by in December.
Sun Queen: Valerie Ostenak
Sun Queen: celebrates revered wine vines and the opulent Baroque period craft of gilding everything with gold.

Strive for Perfection . . .

In August I shared my sculptural jewelry with hundreds of Rolls-Royce owners and collectors at their annual meet in Lake Tahoe. I had been invited by St. James’s House, the London publisher of the Rolls-Royce commemorative book, to be featured in the book and exhibit at the event. It was fantastic!! Gorgeous automobiles, some 100 years old, were paraded out and parked on the greens at The Resort at Squaw Creek for all to see and wander among. For those of us who love cars, it was breathtaking! I have discovered a new favorite: the Bentley Continental GT. Red.

The annual commemorative publication is given to RROC members and Rolls-Royce dealerships worldwide. It’s not sold in bookstores, tough to see one unless you know a Rolls-Royce owner who has one. They are special.

However, St. James’s House has made an eBook available that we as partners with Rolls-Royce for the book and the event can share with others. Lavishly filled with Rolls-Royce past-to-present history in photos and prose, and presentations about this year’s event partners, it is a beautiful book indeed!

Here’s the link for you to enjoy it as well! Rolls-Royce 2018 Strive for Perfection

I’m on page 47!

Strive for Perfection book