Holiday Gifting Ideas . . . and FREE special gifts with each purchase!

It’s the Holidays and everyone deserves a gift. This year I am offering a FREE gift with each purchase on selected art pieces, just because I thought it would be fun!

When you click on the art image, it will take you to my Square store where you can see all 8 ideas for purchase and the FREE gifts that come with each one . . . 3 ideas are shown here.

The FREE gifts are different for each art piece so take a look at each one . . . and have fun!

Hope poster-11x14-Valerie Ostenak_7605-wht-sm
Hope: an 11×14 print embellished with gold leaf and hand-signed by me.
Comet Tails-18-132
Comet Tails: Just in time for the Wirtanen Comet doing a fly-by in December.
Sun Queen: Valerie Ostenak
Sun Queen: celebrates revered wine vines and the opulent Baroque period craft of gilding everything with gold.