A “Reserve” has been placed on Treat 3 . . .

I received a plea from a treasured collector for a reserve to be placed on Moonlight Vines and so it is. Making someone happy with my art lightens my soul, gladdens my heart.

Moonlight Vines will be soooo sweet on you Debbie! I hope to get a photo of you wearing it so that I can share.

Treats 1 and 2 are waiting for Thursday—Be ready!!


Treat 3: Moonlight Vines: $600 savings . . .

Minor mathematical error in Treat 3 . . . though small it’s still $24 better than the mistyped $576. Too many numbers in front of me!!  To purchase: * SHOP HERE *  Save this email for the link!

Discounts on Treats 1, 2, and 3 will be applied automatically upon checkout during the 24-hour 24% Flash Sale . . . No codes to remember or type in!

MV-N-18-146-Moonlight Vines-VOSTENAK

Treat 3: Moonlight Vines, inspired by the brilliance of the cool light of the full moon on new vines. Hand forged sterling silver has both a satin and bright polish, the 24-hour price is $1900 . . . a $600 savings!

Finished with a microfine protectant, no tarnishing!

I’m always happy to answer any questions . . . let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the Spring Goodness!!