2019    •    Guild of Metalsmiths, MN Fall Conference: Demonstrator creating a steel side table in two days;
                           instructor for separate two-day class on copper forging.
2018    •    Invited by British automaker Rolls-Royce to co-brand and exhibit at their
                           North American Rolls-Royce Owners Club Annual Meet in Lake Tahoe, CA
2017    •    Wearable Expressions, 7th International Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles CA
              •    globalDESIGN, Baltimore MD
              •    SNAG: [Up]Setting the Stone, online exhibition of the Society of North American Goldsmiths:
2016    •    Artistar Jewels, art jewelry exhibition, Milan, Italy
              •    4orm & Space, four-person show at Carl Cherry Center for the Arts; Carmel, CA
              •    Gratitude, Titus Contemporary Gallery, Carmel, CA
              •    Prospectus #241, a juried competition: New Mexico Art in Public Places; paintings
              •    SOFA Chicago USA; Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery, Cordoba, Argentina
2015    •    Artistar Jewels, art jewelry exhibition, Milan, Italy
              •    Art San Diego, exhibited sculpture and jewelry, San Diego, CA
2014    •    Artistar Jewels, art jewelry exhibition, Milan, Italy
              •    Demonstrator & lecturer on non-ferrous forging, ASU, Tempe AZ
              •    Demonstrator & lecturer on blacksmithing, ASU, Tempe AZ
2013    •    SOFA Chicago USA; Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery, Cordoba, Argentina
2012    •    Jewelry Trunk Show, Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Gala, Dallas, TX
              •    LA Style Fashion Week, presented jewelry collections on the runways
              •    Phoenix Fashion Week, presented jewelry collections on the fashion runways
              •    Women of Steel, two-woman show at Lanning Fine Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ
              •    Demonstrator & lecturer at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ
2010    •    Designed/built/installed a hand-forged decorative steel railing at the Grand Canyon Mather Point Amphitheater
                           (a three-person team)
              •    Invited speaker at The Art Institute of Phoenix in the Fashion Accessories course
2009   •    Phoenix Fashion Week, presented jewelry collection on the fashion runway
2008   •    Metal Worked; Pearl Fincher Museum, Spring, Texas
2004   •    Hearts; Cleverheads Gallery; Monterey, CA
2003   •    Artist’s Studio Tour; Monterey, CA
              •    CUP; (First Place); Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild; Carmel, CA
              •    Reflections in Metal; Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild; Pacific Grove, CA
2002   •    Essential Elements–Gold; Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild; Pacific Grove, CA
              •    Grand Nationals Rodeo Fine Art Show; San Francisco, CA
2000   •    Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America: gallery show; Flagstaff, AZ
2019    •    Purchase Award, Arizona Citizens for the Arts: Painting, At The Heart of It All,
                            purchased as an award for a category winner of the 38th Annual Governor’s Art Awards
2017    •    Saul Bell Design Award, Finalist: Alternative Metals/Materials category, www.saulbellaward.com/2017-winners
2011     •   Emerging Designer Award: chosen as one of six from an international field by Centurion Jewelry Show,
                             an invitation-only show for luxury jewelers and retailers
              •    National Geographic Interview: for their education website:  http://goo.gl/qaZIbE
2009   •    Invited by the National Jewelry Institute to show at Designer Showcase during Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France
              •    Grand Prize Winner Halstead Jewelry Design & Business Development Grant
•    Voyage Phoenix, Thought-provokers series, 2019, on-line magazine interview
                            https://voyagephoenix.com/interview/check-valerie-ostenak-s-artwork, Phoenix AZ
•    Strive for Perfection 2018, Rolls-Royce commemorative annual exclusively for Rolls Royce owners & collectors
•    Voyage Chicago: Thought-Provokers series, 2018, on-line magazine interview
                            https://voyagechicago.com/interview/check-valerie-ostenaks-artwork, Chicago IL
•    Saul Bell Design Award 2017, exhibition catalog, Albuquerque, NM
•    Wearable Expressions 2017, exhibition catalog, Los Angeles CA
•    Artistar Jewels 2017, exhibition catalog, Milan, Italy
•    Artistar Jewels 2016, exhibition catalog, Milan, Italy
•    ArtBusinessNews.com, Spotlight and Featured Artist, Nov 2015
•    Artistar Jewels 2015,  exhibition catalog, Milan, Italy
•    “Jewellery Box,” Valerie Ostenak, British Harper’s Bazaar, March & April 2014
•    “In-Style,” Valerie Ostenak, Marie-Claire magazine (British), April 2014
•    “Sleigh Bells Bling . . . Sparkle This Season!,” Valerie Ostenak, Tatler magazine (British), Dec 2013
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