Ikura-Kogai Kanzashi : Sold
Ikura & Wasabi : Sold
Patrick & Jana's Wedding Chalice : Sold
Drinking Ladle : Sold
The Ikura series are sterling silver chopsticks adorned with carnelian and serpentine beads. Their bases are carved and polished plexiglas. They are functional.
Patrick & Jana's Wedding Chalice is a 23K gold leafed raised copper vessel nested in a forged steel base. The flower pods are 23K gold leafed forged copper with amethyst crystal clusters. The patina on the steel is iridescent paint powder. It is functional.
The Drinking Ladle is a raised sterling silver cup nested in forged steel. It is made for drinking using the right hand. There is also a left-handed one. Both are functional.
Allow me to make something beautiful and meaningful for you. Something to remember an experience, something to create an experience.
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