Archival Collections

Selected pieces from the Elemental, Garland, and Grace Collections.

The Elemental Collection is about the movement and energy of the elements—water, air, and wind—and how we are connected to them.

The Garland Collection speaks about what sustains us in life. Inspired by budding and flowering fruit trees, the precious tender flower buds become fruit quenching our hunger just as creative ideas sustain our minds.

The Grace Collection is a contemporary reflection on the Renaissance fascination
for the opulent pearl-encrusted cross. It speaks of an ethereal Light, of Spirit, of Kindness and Hope.

Click on an individual image to see the collection, name, and description of the piece.

4 thoughts on “Archival Collections

    • Hi Natalia . . . The only piece in this selection of images I have is the silver neckpiece with the black pearls and purple glass, “Orchid.” Inspired by orchids with their flowing roots and graceful sprays of buds-becoming-flowers. Are you interested in one of these in particular? If so, let’s talk . . . send me an email.

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