Strive for Perfection . . .

In August I shared my sculptural jewelry with hundreds of Rolls-Royce owners and collectors at their annual meet in Lake Tahoe. I had been invited by St. James’s House, the London publisher of the Rolls-Royce commemorative book, to be featured in the book and exhibit at the event. It was fantastic!! Gorgeous automobiles, some 100 years old, were paraded out and parked on the greens at The Resort at Squaw Creek for all to see and wander among. For those of us who love cars, it was breathtaking! I have discovered a new favorite: the Bentley Continental GT. Red.

The annual commemorative publication is given to RROC members and Rolls-Royce dealerships worldwide. It’s not sold in bookstores, tough to see one unless you know a Rolls-Royce owner who has one. They are special.

However, St. James’s House has made an eBook available that we as partners with Rolls-Royce for the book and the event can share with others. Lavishly filled with Rolls-Royce past-to-present history in photos and prose, and presentations about this year’s event partners, it is a beautiful book indeed!

Here’s the link for you to enjoy it as well! Rolls-Royce 2018 Strive for Perfection

I’m on page 47!

Strive for Perfection book


A rare opportunity to be presented among my exceptional peers . . . a serious next level for my art business!

An international luxury auto maker has invited me to co-brand with them for a biennial event and be featured in their collectors’ corporate publication.

How did they find me? They searched for high profile awards given for jewelry design, specifically contemporary fine art jewelry that would be new and exciting for their collectors. Enter the 2017 Saul Bell Design Awards . . . I was the 2017 Saul Bell Design Award Finalist in Alternative Metals. They loved my winning piece, and from there conducted further research on my art jewelry . . . and voilá! I received a phone call!

Co-branding at this level is about sharing use of name, images, and references for PR and exposure. I will have a responsibility to them as they do to me, I cannot stress the importance of the word responsibility enough. This is about integrity and trust. Main tenets at the core of me and my brand, my art.

To participate in the co-branding, requires signing a contract. As with most co-branding contracts, it has a financial sharing component to it. To sign on the dotted line requires $20,000. A standard number at this exclusive level of participation. I have developed a campaign to raise the capital needed to participate. I’ve set up a pre-launch page on titled “Driven to Excellence . . . The Time is NOW!”

I invite you to click on the link above to learn a bit more about my campaign! When you sign up to receive a “first-to-learn” email from me about it, I will send you lots of delicious gratitude and a pretty card! The card image is on the pre-launch page. It’s a recent painting of mine from the Conversations with the Stillness series titled, Hope.

I’ll be launching the full campaign in 3 days! I have lots of perks! Being an artist they are all about my art, both paintings and jewelry for you. Custom pieces with personal experiences too!

Join me as co-driver for this incredible opportunity to take my business to the next level!

Tools of her Trade

These well-worn gloves that daily bend hardened steel rods into angles, twists and circles, protect the delicate ivory skin within and meld with the heartbeat of the artisan. What dreams and longings do they hold beneath their etched and blackened exterior?


With the fluid ease that stems from years of practice, the artist uses metal tongs to pull a glowing hot rod of steel out of her makeshift forge and places it carefully on her anvil.


Then Valerie, selects her hammer and begins to strike the steel, her blows ring throughout her workshop, softening what was once impenetrable. Her short, milky hair tousles in the air as blow after blow forms the steel into the lacy flowing designs of her imagination. Whether she creates loosely woven earrings or the twists and turns of a neckpiece cupping a precious gem, each is uniquely feminine, resilient, yet elegant. This is the realization of unspoken dreams.

Live from the last day of the globalDESIGN Show!

The place to be in Baltimore this week is the Baltimore Convention Center where the American Craft Council Show meets the globalDESIGN show. Thousands of visitors have descended upon the Center to purchase one of a kind crafts and exquisite hand-made fine jewelry.


Here you see, Valerie, owner of VOSTENAKstudios, chatting it up with customers at her booth in aisle 400.


Looks like a very successful show! Way to go, Valerie!