Mary, Tanner, and Cory having fun in the forest wearing pendants and earrings.
Mary and Chris' wedding: she's wearing Vines & Tendrils earrings, his wedding band is Vines & Tendrils. it stands up to his rock climbing. a
Cory in Window to the Waves and Vines & Tendrils earrings.
Natalia Stingley in Neptune's Chariot and Vines & Tendrils earrings.
Mary in Moonlight Vines neckpiece and earrings.
Tanner in Vines & Tendrils neckpiece and earrings.
Mary wearing Neptune's Gift neckpiece and Old World Vines earrings.
Cindy wearing First Crush, at the North American Rolls-Royce Owners' Annual Meet in Lake Tahoe
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