Transformation. Movement. Flow . . . that is what I and my art are all about. The flow that occurs when thoughts become reality, growing vines change their surroundings, water creates canyons, and wind moves the clouds—the energy and movement in objects and ideas, and their affect on us in both the microcosm and macrocosm.
        I am shifting my creative focus from metal to painting. The ideas and feelings I want to express now are more suited to the atmospheric possibilities of paint than the immediate tactility of metal. Expressing the ephermeral in a more visual way reflects the emotions that flow through my hands to the canvas. I can get the brushes and paint to mirror transformation of unseen thought as opposed to the metal showing literal movement. I respond to the nebulous, the intuitive as it flows through me. Painting allows me to escape the physical.
       Currently in my painting, I am exploring three series: Conversations with the Stillness, Embracing Shadow, and Listening to Water. Each has a different philosophical approach, yet each seeks to bring myself, and the viewer, to a place of contentment and understanding. Conversations with the Stillness series explores the tranquility, the serenity that presents itself when we quiet our minds in meditation and prayer. Embracing Shadow reveals the light that comes out of the darkness as those meditations and prayers become answers for us. Listening to Water presents the turbulence and chaos of transformation and change as we live out those answers. It is up to each of us to find the way to breathe in the water, to swim with the current, and transform through the turbulence.
       Images from the Hubble telescope are my visual inspiration. They show the deep darkness that exists outside ourselves, outside our ordinary reality. The vastness of space is equatable to the Shadow within us all. Swirling within that darkness are an infinite number of brilliant stars, the literal light illuminating the way within ourselves. They are the guideposts that we seek and travel toward to take us out of the dark, to bring us peace and enlightenment. Nebulae in the formation of new systems are as images of thoughts coalescing and becoming real within our mind. They are thought materializing. The Hubble images are a vast visual of what and who we are. Macrocosm to microcosm, the Universe is connected to us and acts as a repository for all that we are. Transcendent and atmospheric, my paintings present a way for us to stop and listen to our heart.
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